There’s an interesting article in the 17th September issue of the Kentish Gazette about the new council leader, Ben Fitter-Harding.

Encouragingly, he alludes to his thoughts on the proposed extension to the Wincheap park and ride:

“With the park and ride, I’ve always been sympathetic with the campaigners. It’s difficult as I want the city to function in the best possible way … But it needs completely looking at again. I wouldn’t put anything in stone that has been decided upon regarding park and ride. It needs a fresh look. I genuinely think the whole provision for park and ride needs considering.”

Unfortunately, halfway through this musing he added:

“I know it’s green space we’re building on, but it’s green space behind an industrial estate.”

Because it backs on to a built environment, Cllr Fitter-Harding deems it less worthy of preservation, neglecting its council-designated status as part of the Stour’s green corridor. We wonder what he might consider doing with the Westgate Gardens or Dane John Gardens, “devalued” as they are by their urban surroundings. In the following Thursday’s Gazette (24th Sept) there were excellent letters from Pat Marsh, representing the Green Party, and Rick Norman, a trustee of Love Hambrook Marshes, making all these points and more.