None of the paths on Hambrook are rights of way, but we are pleased to be able to allow the public onto the Marshes to enjoy the delights the area has to offer. However, we are also aiming to promote wildlife, and unfortunately untrammelled access by walkers and their dogs can cause significant disturbance to wintering snipe or breeding mallard and moorhen. So it was agreed some years ago that Tonford Field, which is immediately to the west of the A2 bridge, should act as a refuge for birds, and that we wouldn’t provide any public access to it.

Unfortunately, some dogwalkers do take their pets into the field, and recently a group of youths climbed over the fence with the express purpose of chasing the cattle. As there are no stiles or unlocked gates, it should be fairly obvious that there is no access, but it seems that a further disincentive is required, and we shall probably erect notices asking visitors to keep out.