We are delighted to have a newly-appointed trustee, Paul Roberts, who will be in charge of land management.  This includes responsibility for dealing with fencing and mowing contractors, our grazier, and the Kentish Stour Countryside Partnership (KSCP) work parties, as well as day-to-day minor repairs to gates and other infrastructure.

He replaces Jack Goodhew, who is stepping down after nearly three years in post, during which time he oversaw a change of mowing contractor, extensive fencing repairs, installation of sturdy new handrails to the viewpoint, and much else beside. His greatest challenge came in dealing with the aftermath of the two arson attacks in February and March, but he ably organised the initial clearup of vast quantities of melted plastic by KSCP, followed by bringing in a contractor, who removed the remaining embedded debris and dug out a new water feature alongside the surviving stretch of boardwalk. We are very grateful to Jack for all his hard work over the years – thank you, Jack.