The kissing gate leading into the boardwalk field from the gap in the old railway embankment was vandalised by our cattle last summer. At the time this wasn’t a problem, as the fields on either side of the gate are normally treated as one grazing unit, with the cattle free to pass from one to the other. However, the remains of the burnt boardwalk could potentially be hazardous to the cows, and, until the remedial work has been completed, the cows will need to be kept out of the field on their return this month.

To achieve this, while still allowing people to walk through the boardwalk field, the kissing gate repair was a priority. What should have been a relatively simple job turned into a bit of a marathon, as the original, damaged post had been concreted in, which made redigging a hole in the same spot a laborious task, but perseverance was rewarded, and the field is now cattle-proof.