Kent County Council will be launching its action plan for pollinators online from 10.30 to 12.30 on Monday 16th November. The event is free, and all are invited to attend. To receive the link, please register at Plan Bee is KCC’s attempt to reverse serious declines in suitable bee-foraging habitat, which is harmful, not just to the insects, but also to us. We rely on pollination for a third of our food, and 80% of wild flowers and trees are dependent on insects for pollination. There will be speakers from Kent’s Plan Bee, Buglife, Kent Highways, Loddington Farm, Kent Wildlife Trust, Kent’s Children University, and Kent Youth Council. Read Kent’s Plan Bee pollinator action plan here.

Over the coming months, Canterbury City Council will be working with KCC and local stakeholders to develop a pollinator action plan that can be applied at the district level, although its frequent radical mowing this year of the meadow which had been earmarked for the park and ride extension doesn’t instil great confidence.