The main focus of the month was the completion of phase 1 of the boardwalk restoration project following February’s arson attack. As reported in the last newsletter, contractors were engaged to remove all the damaged sections of melted boardwalk, which included digging up over a hundred “stumps”, which was all that remained of the recycled plastic posts that formerly supported the boardwalk. A short section of the boardwalk was left untouched by the fire, and it was decided to retain this and create a water feature at its far end for visitors to enjoy. The contractors have now dug out a small pond, which immediately part-filled with water, an encouraging sign, with the seal of approval being given by a marsh frog that dived in just a couple of days after the work had been completed.

All this work has been funded by donations generated by the April virtual concert on the marshes, and we are extremely grateful to Richard Navarro for organising this mammoth, well-received event. Thanks must also be extended to the 22 musicians, singers and artists for their performances of works, many of which were specific to Hambrook Marshes, and composed specially for the occasion.

Phase 2 of the project will take place next year, giving us this winter, when parts of the field are liable to be flooded or very squelchy, in which to work out the best dry route for a new pathway.